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bobcat compact excavatorHere at Tight Spot Mini Diggers, we only choose the very best models for our fleet, to make sure we can complete your jobs with speed and efficiency. The Bobcat E20 Excavator 1.5 Tonne is no exception. This machine comes with all buckets and augers, and is useful for a wide range of jobs.

Whether you're hiring our services for a domestic or commercial project, the Bobcat E20 Excavator is a nifty machine that's able to work on any scale of job. It's got a versatile range of uses, including:


The long arm with attached clamp makes the Bobcat E20 Excavator the ideal machine for digging trenches. For flat bottomed trenches, a 30cm bucket with blade ensures perfect uniformity. Whether you need to dig trenches for sewage, plumbing or other construction purposes, this excavator will get the job done right.


Thanks to the smaller size of this excavator, it's able to complete levelling jobs to an excellent standard, even on tight sites that are short on space. 


This compact excavator is able to perform impressively on hauling jobs, and harnesses a surprising amount of power. With various arm configurations, the Bobcat E20 Excavator allows for complete safety and control.

Drilling holes

This might seem like a simple job, but you'll still want state of the art technology on hand to make sure you're getting an accurate, professional result. When it comes to drilling holes, the Bobcat E20 Excavator can drill precisely, to ensure your site is ready for the next stage of construction.

At Tight Spot Mini Diggers, we also take the safety of our operators and customers incredibly seriously. For this reason, we regularly service our Bobcat E20 Excavator to ensure everything is still in full working order, and that the machine meets regulations as set out by the Australian government. 

If you're looking for the perfect machine for trenching, levelling, hauling or drilling holes, then the Bobcat E20 is the model for you. We're able to hire out our machines for very reasonable prices, and our customers are never disappointed with the reliable service we provide time and time again. 

For more information about hiring our Bobcat E20 Excavator, or about any of the other machines in our fleet and the services we're able to provide, get in touch with Tight Spot Mini Diggers today.

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